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the Fukinsei Ring

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Meet the Fukinsei Ring, the counterpart to the Fukinsei cuff, and necklace. This ring is representative of the seven pillars of Japanese Zen aesthetics within wabi-sabi, but also focuses on one specifically… fukinsei, or the natural beauty and balance found in asymmetry.

A simple sterling silver band is a ring everyone can wear. It’s something that fits effortlessly into daily life. Whether you stack it with other rings, or wear it on its own, the Fukinsei Ring is a daily wear piece that embodies all the nuanced concepts of wabi-sabi.

There are seven hand stamped lines to represent these seven tenets of wabi-sabi:

Fukinsei || asymmetry

Kanso || simplicity

Shinzen || naturalness with purpose + intention

Seijaku || tranquility, energized calm + stillness

Shibui || understated beauty + elegant simplicity

Datsuzoku || transcending the conventional + outside the box

Yugen || an awareness of the universe that triggers an emotional response too deep + mysterious for words

In embodying wabi-sabi itself this piece is
imperfect, made by hand, and not meant to look like it was made by a machine. It is cut and shaped by hand, stamped by hand with a hammer and tool that were my grandfather’s.

Each one will be one of a kind because it’s made to order, by my hands. Expect your order to ship within 1-4 weeks of ordering.

***Please leave the size you want the ring to be made in the “notes” section when you checkout***

+ Handmade sterling silver ring

+ Single 10g half round  ⅛” wide ring band

+ Made to order in your size

+ Please measure and re-measure before ordering to insure that you have the correct size before ordering. If you have questions about fit or sizing please contact me first as I do not accept returns or cancellations.

+ All items are handmade, this means that they are not perfect and are not meant to be. Any slight irregularities are to be considered normal and a beautiful part of buying something made by hand not a machine and not a reason for dissatisfaction.