Collection: the River Collection

Rivers have universal themes that cross cultures and are part of our ancestral connections to the earth as human beings.  They are in our DNA.  Whether it's the innate human desire some of us are simply born with to swing flies on their waters in search of fish, or that yearning to dip and submerge our bodies in them... rivers are in our blood.

Ever changing, rivers can be a loud, powerful force of destruction, or an icy first cleansing of spring, washing the funk of winter away and drawing to our surface a nostalgia for the summer months ahead. In those high summer days the river has a slow meandering flow that is nothing short of holy.  Rivers take and hold so much for us.  They renew and heal, re-birth, wash clean and make lighter our heavy, weary souls.

This collection is for them, to pay homage and say thank you for all they give.  Water is life after all.