Collection: the Grateful Collection

The music of the Grateful Dead unintentionally became the soundtrack to my summer. Whether I was working on our house, driving in my truck, tinkering with bikes, or doing yard work the Dead was playing. I think anyone who loves this music can attest to the experience that it is always taking you deeper into it, and yourself, every time you hear it. That’s what happened for me this summer. I found it was the only music that allowed me to focus, and yet somehow let my mind wander, and relax.

As I finished up home renovation projects in July, and prepared to get back to creating in my studio the idea for a collection to honor the inspiration the Grateful Dead’s music has given me started to take shape. Lightening bolts, bright tie dye inspired colors, mountains, psychedelic stones, and mixed metals. Slowly the collection evolved even as I began the making process, and what emerged was a surprise to even me. 

All of the stones I chose were oddly enough some of the stones I’ve had the longest that never quite fit into other collections. They were just waiting I guess, to be a part of something greater. I never would have thought to create a collection using these stones together, but as the theme took shape it all started to make sense. It was like when I finally, truly heard the music of the Grateful Dead, and in my heart I had that moment where I was like, “oh, I get it now.”

Creating this collection was such a joy. As I give it to you, my hope is that you love it as much as I loved getting to make it!