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the Secret Love Necklace (butch)

the Secret Love Necklace (butch)

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The Secret Love Necklaces were created to honor the women of the past who lived bravely outside of their gender norms, and often had to keep their love a secret to protect their safety. The vintage skeleton key with the sterling silver pendant is a nod to those times in history when a key like this might be to a secret hideaway, a motel, or a home shared by two women who had to live as “friends” to the outside world. 

The butch/femme dynamic is an iconic coupling that still lives on today, and it has nothing to do with succumbing to the gender binary. To me, it’s an energy thing. The attraction between a butch and a femme is an indescribable feeling that is not simply about visual presentation. It is a knowing.

I’m so grateful for the women of past generations who began to live openly as lesbians, and paved the way for the rights and freedoms we have today. 


+ Handcrafted heavy gauge reclaimed sterling silver pendant, with vintage skeleton key on a sterling silver bead chain. Wabi-sabi patina and texture on both sides.

+ Hand stamped word BUTCH on pendant

+ Butch pendant is ⅞” long from top of bail to bottom of pendant and 7/16” wide at widest point

+ Sterling silver bead chain is 20” long with a 10” drop 

+ 16, 18, 24 and 30 inch sterling silver bead chains available upon request if you prefer a different length  

+ Hand fabricated by me start to finish using hand tools

+ If you have sizing questions please contact me I am happy to help

+ Brushed and oxidized sterling silver

+ Rustic and vintage style

+ Please measure and re-measure before ordering to insure that you have the correct size before ordering. If you have questions about fit or sizing please contact me first as I do not accept returns or cancellations.

+ All items are handmade, this means that they are not perfect and are not meant to be. Any slight irregularities are to be considered normal and a beautiful part of buying something made by hand not a machine and not a reason for dissatisfaction.

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