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Mountain Cuff (XL)

Mountain Cuff (XL)

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As I was going through quotes and favorite lines of poetry to decide what to stamp inside each of the new Mountain Cuffs a theme emerged. I have always felt connection, a spiritual type experience being in the mountains, so it seemed fitting to use this theme as I chose the words to put inside these cuffs that embody the mountains. 

This cuff says:

“The closer you get to real matter, rock air fire and wood, boy, the more spiritual the world is.”

- Jack Kerouac (from Dharma Bums)

How to measure your wrist size
: Using a soft tape measure (or a piece of string that you can measure on a ruler or tape measure), measure around the wrist you will wear the cuff on. Measure right against the skin. The tape measure or string should not be loose or tight, just gently against the skin. Be sure to include the small bump of your ulna on the outside of your wrist in your measurement. This is your wrist size.

*** Brass will naturally tarnish with regular wear, developing a beautiful patina over time. Sterling silver does the opposite, the more you wear it the less it will tarnish, or need polished. Regular wear will keep the silver on your new cuff looking bright and shiny, while the brass darkens, and a unique contrast takes shape between the two metals. 

+ 7” cuff with 1” opening

+ Best fits wrist size 7 ¾”-8 ¼”

+ A small initial adjustment to the cuff can be made by GENTLY squeezing or pulling the cuff to make it fit your wrist. Do not squeeze and pull it open each time you put it on. Make the initial adjustment and let it be.

+ 14g brass cuff bracelet with 24g mountain overlay making a 12g thick cuff band

+ ½” wide cuff band

+ Hand cut and shaped mountain range

+ Hand textured mountain details 

+ Hand stamped quote or poetry in sterling silver soldered to the inside of the cuff 

+ Hand stamped makers mark on inside of the cuff band with mountain stamp for this collection of cuffs 

+ Evans Turquoise stone set in sterling silver

+ If you have sizing questions please contact me I am happy to help you size your wrist and find a cuff that works for you

+ Brushed and oxidized sterling silver + brass

+ Rustic, vintage, and wabi sabi style

+ Please measure and re-measure before ordering to insure that you have the correct size before ordering. If you have questions about fit or sizing please contact me first as I do not accept returns or cancellations.

+ All items are handmade, this means that they are not perfect and are not meant to be. Any slight irregularities are to be considered normal and a beautiful part of buying something made by hand not a machine and not a reason for dissatisfaction.

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