You Look Like Art || Personal Style 101

You Look Like Art || Personal Style 101

One statement I hear all the time from people is that they aren't "jewelry people".  When I dig a little deeper into why I usually find out it isn't because they don't like jewelry or want to wear it, but that they are unsure how to style it or if it will look good on them.  This is where personal style comes in.  Maybe you have already figured out your own personal style, or maybe you are just beginning to explore what that might mean for you, hopefully either way this little exploration will hold some helpful hints how to choose jewelry that is right for you and your personal style.

I want to distinguish between style and fashion first.  Fashion implies that something is "in" or "out" and serves a purpose for a limited time frame.  Style, however, when I refer to it conveys a timeless aspect that is curated by you to serve you for years, decades even.  Finding your personal style is just that, personal.  Choosing pieces that suit you in color, fit and utility is important and I have found starting with core pieces that are classic and can be paired easily in many different ways makes creating a unique personal style from there fairly simple.  Now the fun part begins!   With these basic staple pieces you get to start adding in statement pieces, signature colors, and of course accessories like jewelry.

Adding jewelry to your style is one of the easiest ways to bring personal touch to your self-expression through style and elevate your look to the next level. It is a way to add something uniquely you to a minimal or basic wardrobe.  Pairing something one of a kind and handmade with a basic style like jeans and a tee is a way to bring some personality to a simple, classic style. 

When I choose jewelry for myself I want pieces that tell a story, are unique to me not something that everyone else has, and pieces that have some kind of meaning.  This is why everything I make is one of a kind.  Even the limited runs of similar pieces or made to order items I create all have subtle differences that make them singular.  When you step out wearing an Urban Hippie Studio piece I want you to feel like art.  I want it to add that little something extra that gives you a boost of confidence everyday.

This brings me to an important part of personal style, and that is confidence.  Creating a style that is unique to you is all about how you choose to wear the pieces you own, including jewelry.  This seems to be where many people get stuck.  They see a piece of jewelry that they love, they feel drawn to it, but wonder if they can pull it off.  The answer is yes you can, and I will tell you how... put it on your body and starting wearing it!  Like anything new it will take getting used to, but the way to become a 'jewelry person" and enjoy the aesthetic that jewelry brings to your style is to put a piece or two on and start rocking it.  Own it.  Let yourself like what you like and wear it the way you want.  You look like art.

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